This Week in Enterprise Tech

Oct 13th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 565

Cheebert's MDM Dreams

Adobe's Content Credentials, programmable MDM with Fleet

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Category: News

On This Week in Enterprise Tech, Lou, Curt, and Brian dive into how remote console devices are empowering IT pros, the future of digital trust and content authenticity, and the evolving landscape of endpoint management security.

  • Jeff Marraccini from Altair explains how air console devices allow him to remotely access noisy server racks to diagnose issues, avoiding dangerous sound levels. This saves time and prevents disruptions.
  • This week's news blips:
    • Comcast announces DOCSIS 4.0 in select U.S. cities.
    • Security pros warn that EU's vulnerability disclosuer rule is risky.
    • Edge AI-enabled drones delivering first response for public safety.
  • On this week's discussion byte, hosts debate whether Adobe's new content credential system can combat misinformation and assure authenticity. They conclude it helps provide traceability but has limitations as a voluntary system.  
  • Zach Wasserman from Fleet discusses how organizations can gain visibility into employee devices to strengthen endpoint security, especially with remote work.

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