This Week in Enterprise Tech

Mar 17th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 535

Clouds Materialize

PayPal Data Breach, Copyright of AI Content, Streaming Databases With Materialize

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Arjun Narayan
Category: News

PayPal data breach, copyright of AI content, streaming databases with Materialize, and more.

  • PayPal data breach exposes personal information of 35,000 users
  • Low-budget 'Winter Vivern' APT awakens after 2-Year hibernation
  • Moon-gate: Samsung fans are mad about AI-processed photos of the moon
  • Making deepfakes gets cheaper and easier thanks to AI
  • Authors risk losing copyright if AI content is not disclosed, US guidance says
  • Materialize CEO Arjun Narayan talks about streaming SQL database for real-time applications, live dashboards, and streaming data pipelines

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