This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 17th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 531

How Akamai Are You About DDoS?

Hospitals violate HIPAA because of Meta Ad-tracking, the evolution of DDoS

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Guests: Steve Winterfeld
Category: News
  • Health info for 1 million patients stolen using critical GoAnywhere vulnerability
  • ESXi Ransomware Update Outfoxes CISA Recovery Script
  • Comcast gave false map data to FCC—and didn’t admit it until Ars got involved
  • Atlassian and Envoy briefly blame each other for the data breach
  • Hospitals Sued for Using Meta's Ad-Tracking Code, Violating HIPAA
  • Steve Winterfeld, Advisory CISO of Akamai talks about the continued evolution of DDoS.

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