This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jan 13th 2023

This Week in Enterprise Tech 526

Snowstorm of Data

Cyberattackers targeting enterprise tools, the year of AI? Snow Software

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Becky Trevino
Category: News
  • Founder sued by JP Morgan for faking customers
  • Cyberattackers targeting enterprise tools CircleCI, Lastpass, Okta, and Slack
  • FAA giving airlines another year to fix altimeters incompatible with 5G signals
  • Critical flight safety system grounds airlines
  • ChatGPT - disrupter or parlor trick?
  • Becky Trevino, Executive Vice President of product for Snow Software talks about enabling CIOs and IT staff with complete visibility into your full technology stack from software and hardware to infrastructure and applications.

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