This Week in Enterprise Tech

Oct 21st 2022

This Week in Enterprise Tech 516

Single Pain In The Glass

Patching-as-a-Service, critical VMware flaw, OpenTelemetry observability

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Morgan McLean
Category: News

Critical VMware flaw, Patching-as-a-Service, OpenTelemetry observability, and more.

  •  Starlink signals can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS—whether SpaceX likes it or not
  • A list of common passwords accounts for nearly all cyberattacks
  •  The FTC is looking at fixing appliance repair, but it needs to go beyond manuals
  •  Hackers exploit critical VMware flaw to drop ransomware, miners
  •  Patching-as-a-Service offers benefits and challenges
  •  OpenTelemetry Co-Founder Morgan McLean talks about monitoring and observability with their collection of free and open-source tools, APIs, and SDKs.

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