This Week in Enterprise Tech

May 13th 2022

This Week in Enterprise Tech 493

Known 2 Pwn

iPhone space network, cyberattacks on MSPs, 15 years of Pwn2Own
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Guests: Dustin Childs
Category: News

Space network for iPhones, cyberattacks on MSPs, 15 years of Pwn2Own.

  • Thousands of popular websites see what you type before you hit submit
  • Log4Shell exploit threatens enterprise data lakes, AI poisoning
  • Top 6 security threats targeting remote workers
  • Is Apple planning to launch a secret space network for iPhones?
  • NSA warns managed service providers are now prime targets for cyberattacks
  • Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative communications manager Dustin Childs talks about the evolution of Pwn2Own as 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of the security contest

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