This Week in Enterprise Tech

Dec 31st 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 474

The Best of 2021

A look back at the top enterprise and cybersecurity news of 2021!
Records live every Friday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.
Category: News

Join Lou Maresca, Brian Chee, and Curt Franklin as we look back at some of the most important enterprise news stories of 2021.

  • Hospitals hiding prices from search engines
  • Palestinian hackers tricked victims into installing spyware on iOS devices
  • Casino gets hacked through a fish tank thermometer
  • President Biden's Right-to-Repair order issued
  • Tesla Autopilot investigation after crashes into emergency vehicles
  • Supply chain attacks are escalating
  • EFF deprecates the HTTPS Everywhere browser plugin
  • Report reveals 83% of ransomware victims pay to get data back
  • Enterprise cybersecurity strategies are getting more attention

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