This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jul 16th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 452

Humble Pai

State Dept. wants to curb ransomware, FCC says broadband is too slow, the changing cloudscape

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Category: News
  • State Department wants to curb ransomware with up to $10 million rewards
  • 4 Zero-day flaws exploited in Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • How much do you pay your ISP? Consumer Reports want to see your bill
  • Sales talks called off between SAS and Broadcom
  • AT&T: unlimited-data customers can pay more to avoid slow speeds
  • Zero-day bug spyware is being sold to governments
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office: FCC broadband standard speed is too slow
  • Lou Maresca, Brian Chee and Curt Franklin discuss the changing cloudscape and the recent Microsoft announcement that VDI desktops could change your view of personal computing.

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