This Week in Enterprise Tech

May 21st 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 444

A Quicker Dip in the Data Lake

The year of ransomware? Location data for authentication, dealing with complex data workflows with Varada
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Guests: Eran Vanounou
Category: News
  • Experts warn about ongoing AutoHotkey-based malware attacks
  • Cobalt Strike a preferred hacking tool by cybercrime, APT groups
  • Reminder: Hurricane season is coming and it's time to prepare
  • Windows PoC exploit released for wormable RCE
  • Attackers took 5 minutes to start scanning for Exchange Server flaws
  • U.S. Airlines may start weighing passengers
  • One of the U.S.'s largest insurance companies reportedly paid $40 million to ransomware hackers
  • Microsoft adds GPS location to identity and access control in Azure AD
  • Eran Vanounou, CEO of Verada talks about how organizations can make the most of their data

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