This Week in Enterprise Tech

Mar 19th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 435

The Augmented Office Reality

TeamViewer: Can we reduce carbon emissions post pandemic with the hybrid office?
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Guests: Gautam Goswami
Category: News
  • White House looking for a new cybersecurity solution
  • Mimecast: SolarWinds hackers accessed source code repositories
  • What can CISOs learn from big breaches
  • Hackers used compromised websites to infect iOS and other operating systems
  • RDP attacks still at near-record levels in 2021
  • The KNOT: a cool new IoT product you should be looking at
  • US grid at rising risk to cyberattack says GAO
  • What are Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and why they may be our future
  • Hackers get access to security cameras in Cloudflare, jails and hospitals
  • Gautam Goswami, CMO and Global EVP Marketing and Products with TeamViewer talk about the post-pandemic hybrid office and the place augmented reality will have in the office of the future.

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