This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 19th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 431

The Poison Keyboard

Malicious code on Apple M1, Solar Winds so far, what went wrong with a Florida water utility
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Guests: Damon Small
Category: News
  • Malicious code, now on Apple M1 silicon
  • Kia hit with $20M ransomware attack
  • Hack allows browser tracking to continue when incognito
  • Comcast reluctantly drops data-cap enforcement in 12 states for rest of 2021
  • Enterprise Windows threats down, Mac threats up
  • U.S. CISA releases new Cyber Career Pathways tool
  • Right to Repair, actually owning your device
  • Is Huawei still a security threat?
  • What we know so far about the SolarWinds attacks
  • Damon Small, Technical Director of Security Consulting at NCC Group talks about how a hacker tried to poison a Florida town's water supply.

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