This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 12th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 430

Cloud Monitoring Mixology

AppDynamics, Game Dev loses IP, Malwarebytes infected
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Guests: Shreyans Parekh
Category: News
  • Singapore Telco hit with a cyberattack and data leak
  • Ransomware attackers set sights on SaaS
  • Red Hat makes RHEL free for dev teams after the discontinuation of CentOS
  • Game developer hit with Ransomware, instead loses their IP
  • Vulnerabilities found in multiple embedded TCP/IP stacks
  • Malwarebytes infected by hackers who bit SolarWinds
  • Will DevOps AI make traditional DevOps roles obsolete?
  • Hacker broke into the computer system of a water treatment plant and tried to poison a Florida municipality
  • SolarWinds and the principle of least privilege
  • Shreyans Parekh, Sr. Manager of Corporate Strategy at AppDynamics talks about successfully mixing cloud monitoring.

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