This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 5th 2021

This Week in Enterprise Tech 429

Has Software Become Too Complex?

Pega Systems and the world of "intelligent automation", Google settles gender and race discrimination charges

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Guests: Don Schuerman
Category: News
  • FonixCrypter releases ransomware decryption key
  • Google payout to bug hunters hits a new high
  • The White House supports Artemis Program to go back to the Moon
  • A company pays to get data back from ransomware, then gets hit again by the same ransomware
  • Attackers continue to target iOS security
  • Amazon starts using prototype electric trucks for deliveries
  • New Chrome browser 0-day vulnerability is active in the wild
  • The current state of cybersecurity job candidates, and how to improve training
  • Google pays $3.8 million to settle  federal gender and race discrimination charges 
  • Don Schuerman, CTO of Pegasystems talks about the complexity of software and services and how automation could help your organization

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