This Week in Enterprise Tech

Dec 11th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 422

Is Remote Access Growing Up?

FireEye Breach, Woz's new company, how hybrid cloud changes remote access
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Guests: Bryan Embrey
Category: News
  • New Win 10 malware can evade detection
  • What we know so far about the FireEye breach
  • GE's radiology device passwords leave hospital networks exposed
  • Steve Wozniak's new business: Efforce
  • Lightspin, a new cloud security startup
  • Facebook ids Vietnamese IT firm as linked to malware on Anroid app store
  • Are Mac certificate checks a privacy issue?
  • Oblivious DNS: Cloudflare, Apple and others want to bring more privacy to the Internet
  • Bryan Embrey, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Pulse Secure talks about how hybrid cloud is changing remote access.

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