This Week in Enterprise Tech

Nov 20th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 420

Robotic Process Automation

Zoom's new security tools, should we still rely on G.P.S.?
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Guests: Zoe Clelland
Category: News
  • Python creator Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft
  • New proposed DNS security features released
  • Zoom has new tools to secure your Zoom meetings
  • Malware activity increases 128% in Q3
  • Cisco Webex vulnerabilities allow attackers to spy on meetings
  • Google will let you opt out of smart features
  • FCC votes to open up more Wi-Fi Spectrum
  • How vulnerable is G.P.S.?
  • Zoe Clelland, VP of Product & Experience at Nintex talks about Robot Process Automation and how a business can take advantage of data integration.

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