This Week in Enterprise Tech

Oct 23rd 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 416

Cloud Is A Bag Of Cats

Russian hackers charged by U.S., Software Crowdtesting, IBM Cloud
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Guests: Hillery Hunter
Category: News
  • Russian hackers behind NotPetya and other attacks charged
  • Botnet Infects Hundreds of Thousands of Websites
  • AWS's Bottlerocket
  • Russian hacking group stole data after targeting local governments
  • Address-Bar Spoofing and browsers vulnerable to it
  • Barnes & Noble exposes customer info in cyberattack
  • Ethics and Predictive Technology
  • The Pros and Cons of Software Crowdtesting
  • Hillery Hunter, VP and CTO of IBM Cloud talks about secure clouds and their view of the cloud migration trend

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