This Week in Enterprise Tech

Sep 18th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 411

Your Next.js Workflow

Ransomware's first fatality, Deepfake defense, refocusing front end performance with Vercel
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Guests: Guillermo Rauch
Category: News
  • Iranian Hackers Found Way Into Encrypted Apps
  • Microsoft declares its underwater data center test was a success
  • China plans new data policy in response to Trump admin’s “bullying”
  • Patient Passes away during a cyberattack on a hospital
  • Ransomware has its first fatality
  • Nvidia buys ARM Holdings from SoftBank for $40 billion
  • Vue.js releases their 3.0 framework that is leaps and bounds improving performance and experience for web apps
  • AT&T’s current 5G is slower than 4G in nearly every city tested by PCMag
  • How should you defend yourself against deepfakes -- and should you even try?
  • Guillermo Rauch, founder of Vercel talks about reinventing and refocusing front end performance vs. backend development.

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