This Week in Enterprise Tech

Aug 21st 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 407

Land of the Fee

What's up with 5G fees, Makers step up for first responders, how COVID-19 has changed IT
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Guests: Raman Venkatraman
Category: News
  • FritzFrog botnet targets SSH servers belonging to government and enterprises
  • Next-Gen' Supply Chain Attacks Surge 430%
  • China's days as world's factory are done': iPhone assembler says Trump trade war hurts
  • The University of Utah pays $457,000 to ransomware gang
  • Industrial Control System Vulnerability Reports Rapidly Rise
  • Next-gen rescue vehicles leave ambulances in their dust
  • Uber Hush Money to stop hackers from disclosing data breach
  • FCC beats cities in court, helping carriers avoid $2 billion in local 5G fees
  • Why Quality & Security Both Matter in Software
  • Raman Venkatraman, VP & Global Head of HiTech at Tata Consultancy Services talks about how Covid-19 is changing the enterprise IT world.

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