This Week in Enterprise Tech

Jun 26th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 399

DNS Over SSL and Fighting Misinformation

Encrypted DNS over SSL: Firefox and Comcast burying the hatchet
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Category: News
  • Credit card skimmers hidden in image files
  • Big attacks show shifting cybercrime tactics
  • The impending doom of Root Certificate Authorities and the "smart" devices that depend on them
  • Apple adds CarKey function to iOS 14
  • Senate targeting encryption
  • Microsoft previews Windows Defender ATP for Android
  • Record Denial-of-Service attacks this week underscore the bot problem
  • What does repairable mean for companies? The EU has the answer
  • Comcast, Mozilla strike privacy deal to encrypt DNS lookups in Firefox
  • 5 new InfoSec job training trends
  • Fighting misinformation online

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