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Jun 19th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 398

Cooking Up DevSecOps

Compliance Recipes With Chef
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Guests: Galen Emery
Category: News

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies who create software to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience. Using OverOps, teams can quickly identify, prevent, and resolve critical software issues. OverOps analyzes your code at runtime to produce optimized software data that tells you when, where, and why code breaks. With robust CI/CD integrations and open APIs, OverOps ensures software reliability from testing to production.

  • Why one email app went to war with Apple - and why neither one is right
  • 60% of Businesses Plan to Spend More on Cyber Insurance
  • Cox slows Internet speeds in entire neighborhoods to punish any heavy users
  • Hong Kong Residents Are Erasing Their Own Internet Histories Before China's Big Crackdown
  • Most Contact-Tracing Apps Fail Basic Security
  • U.S. falls out of the Top 10 internet speeds in the world
  • Massive cyber-attack against Australia
  • Chef Software and Lead Compliance and Security Architect Galen Emery talks about cooking up compliance recipes.

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