This Week in Enterprise Tech

May 1st 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 391

C-19 changes MDM for BYOD

Contact tracing, election security in the age of social distancing, MDM changes because of C-19
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Guests: John Sutcliffe
Category: News
  • Frontier's bankruptcy reveals why big ISPs choose to deny fiber to so much of America
  • Healthcare targeted by more attacks but less sophistication
  • Raspberry Pi gets high-quality upgrade
  • Attackers exploit a 0-day flaw in the Sophos firewall
  • Researchers find vulnerabilities in popular remote learning plug-ins
  • Half of American's won't trust contact-tracing apps
  • Apple says iOS 0-day doesn't exist
  • Apple and Google update contact tracing tech to improve privacy and developer flexibility
  • Election security in the age of social distancing
  • John Sutcliffe, head of product at Addigy talks about what kind of changes in Mobile Device Management are being driven by COVID-19.

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