This Week in Enterprise Tech

Apr 24th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 390

Hypervisor Security with VMware

Hypervisor security gotchas: Security futures with VMware
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Guests: Dhruv Jain
Category: News
  • Hackers leak thousands of Coronavirus research papers
  • White-Hat hackers help 'Fold' COVID-19 Proteins
  • The FCC ratifies Wi-Fi 6E
  • Nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords allegedly from NIH, WHO, Gates Foundation are dumped online
  • IBM Cloud Data Shield brings confidential computing to public cloud
  • Mirai "COVID" variant disregards stay-at-home orders
  • Why are hackers selling thousands of Zoom Accounts for less than 1 cent each?
  • A new Cloudflare tool can tell you if your ISP has deployed BGP fixes
  • Why consumers, SMBs are likely to fall for Coronavirus scams
  • Hypervisor security gotchas: We talk security features with VMware's Senior Director of Security Product Marketing Dhruv Jain

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