This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 28th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 382

AI Ops and the Hybrid Cloud

RSA Red Team preps for election threats, ElectionGuard, U.S. State Dept.'s tips to fight insider threats
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Guests: Ravi Lachhman
Category: News
  • RSA Red Team exercise highlights election threats from deepfakes and fake news
  • CloudSnooper is carrying a rat through your AWS firewall
  • One of NASA's greatest mathematicians, Katherine Johnson, has died
  • Quantum entanglement over 30 miles of fiber has brought super-secure internet closer
  • Kr00k hits 1 billion Wi-Fi devices
  • ElectionGuard could be Microsoft's most important product in 2020
  • Congress gives small ISPs $1B to rip out Huawei, ZTE network gear
  • Mirantis co-founder leaves to create open-source 5G startup
  • U.S. State Dept. shares insider tips to fight insider threats
  • Ravi Lachhman, Developer Advocate for Harness talk about continuous integration, deploying and delivery with AI Ops.

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