This Week in Enterprise Tech

Feb 7th 2020

This Week in Enterprise Tech 379

VMware Crystal Ball

CISOs want a better work/home balance, Bluetooth vulnerabilities on Android, challenges to implementing Zero Trust
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Guests: Kit Colbert
Category: News
  • Cisco Phones and Routers vulnerable to attacks.
  • 90% of CISOs would take less salary for a better work/home life balance
  • Google Fiber kills TV service
  • Bluetooth vulnerability opens a ton of Android phones to an attack
  • Global manufacturing hit by new malware
  • FCC reaches deal with satellite industry to make more 5G spectrum available
  • Privacy laws spark new startups in California
  • Companies pursue Zero Trust, but implementers are hesitant
  • CTO of Cloud Platform for VMware Kit Colbert talks about the future of VMware and how it is evolving with the industry.

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