This Week in Enterprise Tech

Oct 18th 2019

This Week in Enterprise Tech 364

TWiET From the Edge

AT&T's sneaky revenue tricks, Project Soli, AR in the workplace, IoT and Edge computing.

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Said Ouissal
Category: News
  • AT&T and their sneaky revenue tricks
  • Older Amazon devices subject to old Wi-Fi vulnerability
  • California is trying to pass a law that make freelance journalism a thing of the past
  • Typosquatting websites proliferate in run-up to US elections
  • Project Soli - The tech behind radar motion sense
  • Cryptojacking worm targets and infects 2,000 Docker hosts
  • Augmented Reality is making industrial work more productive
  • Glitching: The hardware attack that can disrupt secure software
  • Said Ouissal, CEO and Founder of ZEDEDA talks with Lou and Curtis about IoT and Edge computing.

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