This Week in Enterprise Tech

Sep 27th 2019

This Week in Enterprise Tech 361

Data Analytics and BI with Incorta

Chrome has been crashing Mac's all across Hollywood, Google's quantum computer, and could your organization be using too many security tools?
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Category: News
  • No Surprise - Voting machines are vulnerable to hacks, and they have been hacked
  • The shift to serverless is real
  • No, it wasn’t a virus; it was Chrome that stopped Macs from booting
  • Nuclear fission rockets - the things dreams are made of
  • A DoorDash Breach Brings a Side of Exposed Credentials With Your Meal
  • High-severity vulnerability in vBulletin is being actively exploited
  • Supercomputer? Phooey! Try Google's quantum computer!
  • How Network Logging Mitigates Legal Risk
  • Could Your Organization be Using Too Many Security Tools?
  • Coder deletes open-source add-on for Chef in protest over ICE contract

Matthew Halliday, co-founder and VP of Products at real-time analytics company Incorta 

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