This Week in Enterprise Tech

Sep 20th 2019

This Week in Enterprise Tech 360

Don't Turn Off Your Brain

SSL-VPN vulnerabilities, some medical servers aren't secured at all, Edward Snowden is back in the news.
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Category: News
  • Edward Snowden doesn't want you thinking he is colluding with Russia
  • Working at WeWork? Your data was visible
  • A tool in webcams and DVRs is enabling DDoSes
  • AT&T wants to smother you with a blanket claim that you agreed to let them sell your data
  • GitHub is growing up: It just bought Semmle and became a CVE Numbering Authority
  • Millions of Americans' medical images and data are available on the Internet
  • 50 states and territories launch massive joint probe into Google
  • Crowdsourcing security research
  • Hackers are trying to steal passwords from VPNs

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