This Week in Enterprise Tech

Dec 29th 2017

This Week in Enterprise Tech 271

The Best of 2017

Net neutrality, institute of local self-reliance, municipal networks, IoT, cayenne, security onion, exfiltration, penetration, forensics, twc
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Category: News

It's been an interesting year in Enterprise tech and we couldn't possibly fit ALL the best of TWiET in a single episode, but we've pulled together some of the stories that we think have long-lasting consequences for the Enterprise. From the START of the repeal of net neutrality, to ISPs behaving badly, the next generation of Data Center SSDs and an IoT solution that DOESN'T come with a "pwn me" sticker in the box. We've also got interviews explaining why supporting municipal networks might be your best option for solid broadband WITHOUT the politics, and why "Security Onion" isn't a suite, but a SURVIVAL tool for modern Enterprise.

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