Tech News Weekly

Nov 9th 2023

Tech News Weekly 311

Humane Launches Its $699 AI Pin

Video Game Unions, Pixel Watch 2, OpenAI Conference

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Category: News

The game industry has had a year with the consolidation of organizations and the formation of gaming unions. Jason Howell shares his review of the Pixel Watch 2. And OpenAI had its first developer conference. What was announced at the event? 

  • Nathan Grayson of the newly launched Aftermath news site to talk about how the game industry has been impacted by the consolidation of gaming companies and the formation of unions. 
  • Jason Howell has been using Google's Pixel Watch 2 for some time and shares his review of Google's latest update to its wearable device. 
  • Mikah shares details about Humane's AI Pin, a $699 wearable device powered by OpenAI. 
  • Finally, Stephen Shankland of CNET joins the show to share what was announced at OpenAI's developer conference in San Francisco. 

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