Tech News Weekly

Nov 2nd 2023

Tech News Weekly 310

Understanding Biden's AI EO

Microsoft's Phi 1.5, News Influencers, AI Revenge Porn

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Category: News

President Biden issued an executive order on Artificial Intelligence. How does the US government see AI today based on this executive order? What are the implications of Microsoft's breakthrough with their small AI model, Phi 1.5? And how social media influencers sharing news are starting to have more reach to a younger generation than legacy news outlets. 

  • What does it mean by President Biden's issue of an executive order on Artificial Intelligence? Eric Geller of The Messenger breaks down the President's executive order that was signed earlier this week. 
  • Reed Albergotti of Semafor stops by to talk about Microsoft and their recent breakthrough on their small AI model, Phi 1.5, and how it compares to OpenAI's GPT-4. 
  • How is legacy media keeping up with news being broken and shared by influencers? Jason shares a fascinating article from Taylor Lorenz about how the economics of journalism have shifted heavily in recent years. 
  • And finally, Mikah talks about how AI was used maliciously to generate fake nudes of real students at a New Jersey high school and the urgent need for laws to keep pace with technology. 

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