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Apr 20th 2017

Tech News Today 1751

Palmer Luckey is Back, Sort Of

Google Home knows your voice.
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Guests: Rolfe Winkler
Category: News

MasterCard is working on a fingerprint sensor that's built into your physical credit or debit card and will work with the chip to verify your in-person purchases.

The Google Assistant built into the Google Home speaker can now recognize multiple different voices and deliver a specific info to the person it recognizes - like plane flight info and calendar entries. Up to six different voices can be recognized by a Google Home speaker, but each voice still has to be tied to a different Google Account.

Toyota and others have invested $45 million in a company called Getaround, which people are calling the AirBnb for cars. You can use an app to reserve, locate, pay for and even unlock a stranger's car so you can drive it for a while.

We also discuss Oculus founder Palmer Luckey's investment choices and the ethics of Instagram influencers. Plus, Rolfe Winkler from The Wall Street Journal is here to tell us how one security company chose to show its clients information in live demos and we talk about Elon Musk's new startup that wants to fuse your brain with AI so we no longer need to talk to share our thoughts.

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