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Apr 19th 2017

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Day two of Facebook's F8 developer conference in San Jose kicked off with a company keynote presentation that's focused on futuristic technologies that are at least a few years off. Facebook's Building 8 division says its hoping to develop sensor technology that uses your skin to send signals to your brain and theorizing that electrodes in your brain will eventually let you type by thinking rather than moving your fingers around.

People familiar with the matter have told Eurogamer that Nintendo plans to launch an S-NES mini this year, which could explain why they chose to break the hearts of millions by discontinuing the NES mini. The rumored console will likely be called the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo is already in the process of developing it.

Google is looking for 10,000 people to volunteer for a study that is mixing tech, science, and health. If you volunteer, you'd be agreeing to share your generic data with the company as it attempts to map out what a healthy human is made up of.

Those $350 dollar Bose headphones you're listening to, might be listening to you and sharing your habits without your consent. Plus, Quincy Larson from FreeCodeCamp joins us to really explain what it takes to learn to code. And we mourn the loss of the to-do app Wunderlist that Microsoft is murdering.

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