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Mar 8th 2017

Tech News Today 1720

Pinterest is So Jelly

CIA, Wikileaks, Didi, Google, Next Cloud, artificial intelligence, Twitter
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Guests: Julie Cohen
Category: News

Apple and Google say that most of the vulnerabilities profiled in the cache of Wikileaks documents have been fixed and they will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities in the future, so continue to get your updates when you can.

Google announced its new Video Intelligence API that enables its Artificial Intelligence to pick apart a video down to the identification of individual elements, allowing for search capabilities similar to Google Photos but with video content stored in Google's cloud.

ReCode reports that Didi Chuxching, China's ride-hailing Uber competitor is opening a self-driving lab in Mountain View, California. The company has talked about using its treasure trove of data for autonomous research, but Didi says it has no plans to roll out a ride hailing service in the US.

Plus, Pinterest acquired social Q&A service Jelly, the Statue of Liberty goes dark... but why? And we talk to Julie Cohen, director of the new documentary American Veteran, about the impressive technology available to quadriplegics.

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