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Mar 7th 2017

Tech News Today 1719

Wikileaks Everything

Wikileaks dump explained, Smarter homes
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Wikileaks unleashed an unprecedented collection of CIA hacking tools and code with the codename Vault 7, to the tune of 8,761 docs and files, and hundreds of millions of lines of code. Wikileaks claims this is the biggest dump of its kind.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed new photos of his human moon shuttle, the New Glenn, named after John Glenn. Bezos says that his first customer is the satellite operator Eutelsat.

Pinterest has released a browser extension that will let you buy anything you see on the Web. It doesn't even have to be on Pinterest. The feature is exclusive to Chrome right now, but Pinterest engineer Kent Brewster says the extension will come to other browsers soon.

Also, Airbus releases a flying car concept that reeks of the future. And we talk with Joe Dugandzic from about creating a smart home on a budget.

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