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Dec 19th 2016

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She Turks Hard For the Money

Amazon mTurk, Waymo minivans, robot coffee
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Guests: Hope Reese
Category: News

Facebook Messenger rolls out a new update that enables group video chat of up to 50 total users simultaneously, though only the most active six will be shown on screen at once. You can also use a number of Snapchat-esque masks when chat gets boring.

The Wall Street Journal says Super Mario Run is not meeting investor's expectations, despite making between an estimated $4 million and $8.3 million worldwide in its first 24 hours. The stock has fallen 11% since the app came out due in part to bad reviews, but also to worry about the game's payment model.

Airbnb is looking to invade your travel planning even further by someday offering air travel booking capabilities. Sources say the company is aiming to launch the new feature before an IPO takes place sometime in the next 18 months.

This year Mark Zuckerberg spent 150 hours creating an Internet of things for his home, but so far the project is more of a personal experience of getting back to simple coding than it is a new iOT platform for everyone.

Waymo, Alphabet’s self driving car division, showed off a new Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan sporting Waymo’s self driving technology. One hundred of these vehicles will hit the road starting in 2017 as Waymo continues to test its technology.

  • Hope Reese from TechRepublic talks about workers who make their living using Amazon's Mechanical Turk. As we move into an information society, the future of work is uncertain. One dystopian vision of what work will look like exists right now with the more than 500,000 clickworkers getting paid pennies as they log hours in Amazon's program.

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