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Oct 11th 2016

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Inconvenience Stores

Ada Lovelace Day honors women in STEM
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Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss the day's tech news with Tom Merritt from The Daily Tech News Show. The American Civil Liberties Union published a blog post that details how Twitter, Facebook and Instagram unknowingly fed data to 500 law enforcement agencies during the protests in Baltimore and Ferguson earlier this year. Tech Crunch reports that the World Economic Forum announced a new tech hub in San Francisco to recognize technology's impact on the global economy and to update policies and regulations, some of which were written before the Internet was invented. A report on the Wall Street Journal indicates that Amazon is interested in opening not only a large drive-up grocery store near its Seattle headquarters, but also smaller convenience stores that could sell perishable items like produce, meat, cheese, and milk. Sprint wants to close the homework gap with the 1Million Project. Over the next five years they will give 1 million free devices and free high-speed data plans to low-income students. Those involved with the program can choose a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or hotspot device. Sprint says they'll work with students to determine the best device.

  •  Erin Carson from CNET talks about why we celebrate women in STEM on Ada Lovelace Day.
  •  Find out why Emoji Movie: Express Yourself, starring James Cordon, TJ Miller, and Ilana Glazer sounds really terrible.

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