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Oct 12th 2016

Tech News Today 1618

Total Re-recall

Apple opens R&D center in Shenzhen China
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Guests: Russell Holly
Category: News

Jason Howell and Ron Richards discuss the Washington Post's experiment that found that Facebook's Trending Topics is posing fake news as real news at a high rate. Apple is aiming to recover its business in China, and announced a new research and development center that it's building in Shenzhen to help. The new Google Pixel phones on Verizon will receive OS and security updates the same day as those sold through Google's store. Samsung has adjusted its quarterly outlook in light of the Note 7 battery debacle, and it doesn't look good. Intel is making its own drone called the Falcon 8+ targeting the commercial space. Pandora and Amazon unveiled new music subscription services that differ from the rest of the pack. The creator of Atari has a new VR system that isn't meant for the consumer market, but could drive VR adoption at home. Finally, Apple might be on the cusp of releasing a Magic Keyboard with keys that change based on the apps you run, thanks to color e-ink underneath.

  • Russell Holly from VRHeads joins to talk about Nolan Bushnell's new Modal VR company, aiming to do for VR what arcades did for video games in the 80's.

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