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Jun 17th 2021

Smart Tech Today 83

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Amazon Luna, Microsoft xCloud, Tamagotchi, Sonos Antitrust
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Amazon Luna, Microsoft xCloud, Tamagotchi, Sonos Antitrust

  •  Sonos urges regulation of big tech, criticizes Apple’s plans to open Siri to third-parties using HomePod
  •  Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service is now open to all Prime members
  •  Xbox One will be able to play Xbox Series X games via xCloud, says Microsoft
  •  Xbox now supports speech-to-text and text-to-speech accessibility features
  •  IKEA introduces new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker
  •  7 new security features Apple quietly announced at WWDC
  •  Beats studio buds review: big ambition, imperfect execution
  •  How to use Live Text on iPhone and iPad
  •  iOS 15: How to Get Notified If You Leave an AirTag or Apple Device Behind
  •  New airport screening tech: Shoes on!
  •  Honda's accessible navigation device goes right in your shoe
  •  Clever Crystal Ball Dock Magnifies Your Apple Watch's Screen for a Better Bedside Alarm Clock
  •  New Tamagotchi Is A Wearable Smart Device
  •  This Commodore 64-themed smartwatch lets you code with a flick of the wrist
  •  You can now rent the kid-friendly Moxie robot for $149 a month
  •  Amazon ‘Prime Day’ 2021 Preview: Best Echo, Echo Dot, Fire HD, Kindle, TV Deals
  •  Level’s new smart door lock is a little simpler and a little less expensive
  •  Wyze Lock Google Home integration is now rolling out
  •  Never overcook a steak again with this Bluetooth meat thermometer

Picks of the week

  •  Matthew: Voice in a Can
  •  Mikah: Tip: Wires can be wonderful!

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