Smart Tech Today

Aug 17th 2020

Smart Tech Today 42

Installing a Smart Thermostat

ecobee, Alexa voice bugs, and Android sleep tracking.
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Category: News

Mikah describes the installation of his smart thermostat (including the frustrations that abounded therein). Amazon's Alexa voice service included a bug that could cough up a user's voice history to hackers. Google rolls out its Bedtime Mode to all Android devices via the Google Clock app.

  • An Alexa bug could have exposed your voice history to hackers | Ars Technica:
  • Exclusive: Amazon Accessibility Boss Peter Korn Talks Text Banner’s Fire TV Debut And Assistive Technologies At Amazon | Forbes:
  • Woman fools gift card scammer by pretending to be Alexa and a senior citizen … at the same time | Newsweek:



  • All Androids can now use Google Clock's Bedtime Mode - 9to5Google | 9to5Google:
  • The Sleep app for watchOS 7 is a superb way to get into a bedtime routine | iMore:




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