Smart Tech Today

Jul 20th 2020

Smart Tech Today 38

Update Your Echo Buds

Echo Buds firmware, COVID-19 walkie talkies, iPhone webcam app.
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Category: News
  • Your Echo Buds could overheat without a new firmware update, one company is using its LTE walkie talkies for COVID-19 patients, and Matthew Cassinelli shares an app that lets you use your iPhone as a webcam — in full HD quality.
  • Echo Buds need this update | The Verge:
  • Apple leaving behind coding's racist terms | Input:
  • Walkie talkies for COVID communication | Fast Company:
  • Google voice to text app for masks | Mashable:
  • Reincubate Camo for iPhone webcam | 9to5Mac:
  • Don't close MacBook with cover | Michael Tsai:



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