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Jun 1st 2020

Smart Tech Today 31

Protect Your Privacy While Protesting

How to protest safely, Amazon drops Echo Look support, Google tests simpler Nest Hub Max.
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Category: News
  • Amazon says it's dropping support for the Echo Look, Google is trying out a simpler interface for the Nest Hub Max that could be used in retirement homes, and Matthew and Mikah share some tips on protesting safely and securely.
  • Pinterest adds a ‘Shop’ tab to its Lens Camera search results to showcase matching in-stock products | TechCrunch:
  • Amazon will no longer support the Echo Look, encourages owners to recycle theirs | The Verge:
  • Denise Howell's Instagram | Instagram:
  • Google adding Advanced Protection for Nest devices | The Verge:
  • Google is piloting a simpler Nest Hub Max interface at retirement homes | TechCrunch:
  • Free Nest Mini released to some YouTube Premium subscribers | SlashGear:
  • Google’s latest Pixel features include a "safety check" for when you’re walking alone | The Verge:
  • How to Protest Safely in the Age of Surveillance | Wired:
  • A Shortcut in the event you're detained by police | Twitter:
  • You Need This iPhone Shortcut if You're Protesting | Lifehacker:
  • Mobile Witness for Android | Google Play Store:
  • Matthew: Research-based solutions to stop police violence | Twitter:
  • 10 books about race to read instead of asking a POC to explain it to you | Bustle:
  • Mikah: A thread showing you where you can donate to bail relief organizations | Twitter:

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