Smart Tech Today

Feb 10th 2020

Smart Tech Today 17

Piloting Your Ambulatory Meat Sack

Philips Hue zombie lights, RoomMe sensors, Google Photos faux pas.
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Category: News

On this episode of Smart Tech Today with Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli:

  •  Your Philips Hue light bulbs could be hacked; update your firmware for the fix:
  •  Google sent videos from some Google Photos accounts to strangers:
  •  Sengled's HomeKit Enabled Smart Hub available now:
  •  Abode adds HomeKit support to a second home security system:
  •  Eve's redesigned Energy smart plug for HomeKit now available:
  •  Starling Home Hub is a turn-key solution to add Nest to HomeKit:
  •  The UK government has some ideas for making smart home devices more secure:
  •  Samsung SmartThings gets a "virtual home" update that looks familiar:
  •  Apple details AI to help voice assistants recognize hotwords and multilingual speakers:
  •  Apple now sells more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry:
  •  iPhone users can now perform Google Search directly from Siri:
  •  Bluetooth-based occupancy sensor RoomMe now supports Siri Shortcuts:
  •  Matthew's Shortcut for viewing video clips of Smart Tech Today:
  •  Mikah's upcoming project:
  •  Mikah's pick of the week:
  •  JBL PULSE 4:
  •  Matthew's pick of the week:
  •  Eve Energy Strip:

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