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Nov 11th 2021

Smart Tech Today 104

Sleeping Better With Smart Devices

Google Nest Hub, Lenovo Smart Clock, Ikea Curtains

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Category: News

Google releases an update for its Nest Hub that adds more sleep tracking metrics, Flo Ion reviews the new Lenovo Smart Clock, and Ikea makes some sound-dampening curtains to block out noise from your roommates and pets.

  • Google’s Nest Hub gets more sleep tracking features
  •  Author Clock' Tells Time Using Book Quotes That Mention the Time of Day
  •  Stack Overflow’s Copy / Paste Keyboard Is No Joke
  •  I Love This Smart Alarm Clock
  •  Ikea Made Sound-Absorbing Curtains to Broker Peace Between Noisy Roommates
  •  The Playdate Handheld Console Is Delayed Until 2022
  •  Steam Deck Launch Delayed as Valve Succumbs to the Chip Crunch
  •  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces try to make it easier to get apps ready for augmented reality
  •  Qualcomm’s new AR ‘Smart Viewer’ lets you pin virtual screens to your walls
  •  Lenovo ThinkReality A3 based on Qualcomm's reference design
  •  Controller for HomeKit adds new maintenance features for HomeKit troubleshooting
  •  Review: Apple’s polishing cloth is the new gold standard for device cleaning
  •  Netatmo announces HomeKit compatible CO detector
  •  Amazon launches a $70 air quality monitor for Alexa
  •  Tempo's New Smart Home Gym Is Actually Affordable
  •  Peloton Made a Camera That’ll Guide You While You Lift Weights
  •  Fitbit's new feature might tell you not to go to the gym after all
  •  Withings reveals a new hybrid ScanWatch with medical tracking, 30-day battery
  •  All I want from my smartwatch is to give me a break

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  • Matthew: AirPods Beanies
  • Mikah: Lovebox

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