Smart Tech Today

Oct 28th 2021

Smart Tech Today 102

Moving to Facebook's Meta-verse

Facebook's Connect Event, Wyze's new smart home products, more

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: News

Delving into the Facebook Connect event and the announcement of Facebook's new name, detailing Wyze's new smart home products, and more.

  • Facebook just revealed its new name: Meta
  • Meta (Facebook) is retiring the Oculus brand
  • Facebook says it doesn’t want to own the metaverse, just jumpstart it
  • Facebook teases ‘Project Cambria’ high-end VR / AR headset
  • Active Pack accessories prepare your Oculus Quest 2 for sweaty VR workouts
  • Facebook is adding a mixed reality platform to Oculus Quest
  • Slack and Dropbox are coming to Oculus Quest
  • Wyze announces several new products in honor of its 4th birthday
  • Tesla's Sentry Mode now offers drivers a live view of their car
  • Mercedes-Benz cars are getting Dolby Atmos in 2022
  • Mercedes' electric delivery van concept cleans the surrounding air
  • Get Your Own Ghostbusters Proton Pack
  • Canon's PowerShot PX Looks Like a Security Camera but Captures Precious Moments Instead of Crooks
  • Raspberry Pi packs more power into its $15 Zero 2 W board
  • McDonald's will sell McD Tech Labs to IBM
  • Android 12 is so last week: Meet Android 12L, now in developer preview

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