Smart Tech Today

Oct 7th 2019

Smart Tech Today 1

Voice Assistants in Your Ears

Amazon's Echo devices, Siri Shortcuts, smart earbuds, and more.
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Category: News

On this, the first episode of Smart Tech Today, Mikah Sargent and Matthew Cassinelli:

  •  Attempt to create nicknames for the major voice assistants. Be sure to share your ideas for Siri, Alexa, and Google nicknames by emailing!
  •  Discuss all the products Amazon announced at its recent press event. Matthew gets Mikah to change his mind about the smart oven Amazon launched.
  •  Ponder the future of voice-based operating systems given the fact that every company seems to be announcing earbuds that work with smart assistants.
  •  Give a brief rundown of their smart home setups.
  •  Answer questions about automating alarms using Siri Shortcuts and NFC tags.
  •  Give a shout-out to the one-and-only Gemmy the Twerking Bear.

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