Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Oct 24th 2023

Security Now 945

The Power of Privilege

New cURL vulnerabilities, CVSS 10.0 Cisco Nightmare, So long VBScript!

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Category: Help & How To
  • How fake drives continue to be sold on Amazon despite negative reviews
  • Microsoft is discontinuing support for the VBScript language
  • The 30-year old NTLM authentication protocol will eventually be removed from Windows
  • Two new vulnerabilities found in cURL
  • A new Cisco router vulnerability rated CVSS 10.0 was used to hack over 40,000 devices
  • Debate over whether "lib" should rhyme with "vibe" or "air"
  • Instructions for accessing the SpinRite 6.1 pre-release version
  • Feedback on passkey exportability and server IP address encryption
  • A listener asks if ransomware can encrypt already encrypted files
  • How Privacy Badger un-rewrites Google's search result links
  • The NSA and CISA warn about the power of privilege and the dangers of account misconfigurations like privilege creep, elevated service account permissions, and non-essential use of elevated accounts

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