Security Now with Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte

Oct 31st 2023

Security Now 946


iMessage Contact Key Verification, HackerOne bug bounty news, CISA's Logging Made Easy

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Category: Help & How To
  • What caused last week's connection interruption? Router was rebooting intermittently, but why?
  • David Redekop of AdamNetworks explained their enterprise network security solution aims to only allow known safe connections, blocking everything else.
  • iMessage gets Contact Key Verification to confirm new devices added to an account belong to the contact.
  • Public Interest Research Group asks Microsoft to extend Windows 10 support beyond 2025.
  • HackerOne breach bounties surpass $300M total payout.
  • CISA releases free Logging Made Easy toolkit to enhance Windows logging capabilities.
  • SpinRite 6.1 pre-release 2 published, likely final pre-release with some testing remaining before full launch.
  • Moving the Internet fully to IPv6 likely won't happen until IPv4 addresses are fully consumed.
  • Open source projects struggle with costly code signing certificates.
  • Deep dive into CitrixBleed vulnerability allowing authentication bypass.

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