Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson- Security Now

Jun 2nd 2020

Security Now 769

Zoom’s E2EE Design

Zoom Gets End-to-End Encryption
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Category: Help & How To

Zoom gets end-to-end encryption.

  •  ACLU takes Clearview to court, but maybe they should worry about their own website first
  • The state of drive-by malvertising downloads
  • Google will be bad listing notification abusing sites
  • Who else is doing the eBay-like ThreatMetrix port scanning?
  • Facebook to require identity verification for high impact posters
  • Google Messaging is apparently heading toward E2EE
  • The return of a much more worrisome StrandHogg
  • The SHA-1 hash to finally be dropped from OpenSSH
  • What happens when you fuzz USB?
  • Zoom’s end-to-end encryption design

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