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May 26th 2020

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Contact Tracing Apps R.I.P.

Contact Tracing Apps Are Not Going to Work

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Contact tracing apps are not going to work.

  • Why contact tracing apps are never going to work
  • Unc0ver: There's a new iOS jailbreak in town, and as jailbreaks go, it looks VERY nice!
  • Firefox 77 picks up a nifty new security trick
  • New features in Chrome 83: cookie management, "Safety Check," blocking third-party cookies by default in Incognito mode, and "Tab Groups"
  • Adobe rushes out four out-of-cycle emergency updates to fix security flaws
  • Zerodium temporarily stops buying iOS remote code execution vulnerabilities
  • The NXNS Attack: A group of cybersecurity researchers in Israeli have responsibly disclosed details about a new way they worked out of using the Internet's domain name resolution system to hugely amplify (by a factor of at least 1620 packets) a DDoS attack to take down targeted websites.
  • BIAS - Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS is nothing less than a complete collapse of Bluetooth security.
  • Is eBay port scanning its user's computers? Kinda.
  • Security Now trivia: Steve Gibson helped develop the Speak & Spell! It did voice synthesis with only a 4K bits (0.5K bytes) processor.

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