Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson - Security Now

Apr 9th 2019

Security Now 709

URL "Ping" Tracking

Your Browser is Tracking You, UK vs Social Media
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Category: Help & How To

This Week's Stories

  • Yet another capitulation in the (virtually lost) battle against tracking our behavior on the Internet with URL "ping" tracking.
  • UK government's plan to legislate, police and enforce online social media content
  • Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser's security
  • Improvements to Windows 10's update management
  • News from the "spoofing biometrics" department
  • The worrisome state of Android mobile financial apps
  • NSA's GHIDRA software reverse engineering tool suite
  • Perhaps the dumbest thing Facebook has done yet (and by policy, not by mistake)
  • An important change in Win10 1809 external storage caching policy

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